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In the heart of the Peschici Baia, is situated the Hotel Club Village Maritalia, few steps from the fine and golden sand beach, about 1,2 km long, sloping from the bottom, surrounded from some big rocks. Thanks to its location, the Hotel Club Village Maritalia offers to the guest a breathtaking view to be enjoyed: on the horizon, in fact, stand out the white houses of the town that sparkle in the sun. For this, in fact, the town of Peschici has earned the nickname of “Pearl of the Gargano”. From this vantage point you can easily reach the picturesque bays and inlets few km away and do some organized excursions to know the land and its beautiful places. You can start with a full day trip to complete the Tremiti Islands tour, with departure from the harbor of the town, that you can reach by shuttle a/r. Otherwise, is possible to explore in half a day, from 9:15 to 13:00, the picturesque sea caves along the coast, with light games and reflections in the water. There are also the Gargano tours and the traditional outdoor trips and also in contact with the nature of the Foresta Umbra.



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